Just out of curiosity, what DE was chosen for Trisquel-Mini 8? I did a search on this site and a web search, but couldn't find anything.

I intend to test Trisquel-Mini once I've tested the standard T8 release. If it's LXDE/QT, I think I'll stick with the Mate DE of standard. I've found LXDE a bit too restrictive, and I'm sceptical about whether I'd enjoy LXQT any better, unless it's substantially more evolved than the last LXDE I tested (Peppermint 3).

I'd still love to see a Trisquel-Mini based on a version of the Enlightenment DE, whether a recent version (E22 just came out recently), or an E17 fork like the Moksha DE developed for Bodhi.

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