In different libre system I run very different desktops, just a kindly sharing here, Parabola: LXQt and Liri, all in Qt in this systems which I need to receive the latest Qt tech here, with just GParted, AbiWord, Gnumeric from GNOME w/o Qt alternatives. GNOME and the most forked desktops are conflicted against your-privacy due to geoclue2. Devuan, PureOS, Trisquel: I'm different using which desktops in these systems, but I install LXQt in both systems, alongside the default desktops for these systems, since I'm also an Qt small world workstation advocate. Hyperbola: Cinnamon, GNOME, MATE, Deepin, Budgie, LXDE, all in Gtk+ in this system which I need a stable environment for my practical tasks, just like from Devuan and Trisquel, though unlikely I'm indifferent for desktops in Devuan and Trisquel. Hyperbola removes geoclue2 deps which I dnt mind using Gtk+ desktops and internet apps in this system.

For init systems I need to endorse OpenRC for Parabola and Devuan, which the full Parabola installer is using systemd, but systemd has plenty cons. Devuan has told to me they're defaulting to OpenRC but unfortunately their install medium is not doing such.

Finally, for display managers I would recommend SDDM which is X and Wayland compatible and littlely Qt-written, which meets my need for a Qt small world workstation. GDM is also small but unfortunately part of GNOME, just like Epiphany (GNOME web) the web browser.

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