> What if I feel that your comments are spam?

onpon4 makes many posts here that have helped people, including you, so if her 
comments seem unreasonable to you I'd ask her to clarify what she means instead 
of dismissing them. I think this is just a miscommunication resulting from the 
nuance that PlayOnLinux supports proprietary games while being libre itself. 
Calmstorm suggested a libre version of PlayOnLinux. Since PlayOnLinux itself is 
already libre, the only way to make it "more" libre would be to remove support 
for proprietary games. onpon4's point is that since the only use for 
PlayOnLinux is to play proprietary games, removing support for proprietary 
games would make it useless. She wasn't saying that it is useless in its 
current form.

Using free software like Wine or PlayOnLinux to play a proprietary game is 
certainly better than using Windows, which is why we helped you install it. 
Gradual migration from proprietary software to free software can be the right 
strategy for many people. Gradual change is most effective when you take every 
opportunity to take the next steo. Without abandoning the games you are used 
to, I encourage you to also look at onpon4's list of libre games, as well the 
games she has made, if you haven't already. She and others work very hard to 
enrich the world of libre gaming, and I hope that their efforts will reduce 
gamers' dependence on proprietary games. 

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