Just uninterested to KDE apps unless for channels w/o Plasma deps, they are usually suffixed in -qt, just like marble-qt (KDE's desktop virtual globe named Marble) and kid3-qt (KDE's sounds and videos ID and fingerprinting manager).

In short I need small apps like QupZilla, Trojita, Quassel, VLC ... though many GNOME apps are relatively small,
Qt small world — GNOME
SDDM             GDM
QTerminal        GNOME terminal
QupZilla         Epiphany
Trojita          Balsa
MarbleQt         GNOME maps
JuffEd           gedit
Scribus          GIMP or Inkscape
QuteCom          Empathy
Quassel          Polari
VLC              Rhythmbox or Totem
aQEmu            GNOME boxes
Just DNT recommend KDE apps (esp ones dependent on Plasma) to me if possible.

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