Any ath9k-htc model should work with free firmware. You can try to find on web archive. With the site down I can no longer search for devices based on ath9k-htc.

Beware that the USB WLAN adapters bearing the same commodity name but with different hardware revisions are different hardware. And their chipset can vary a lot.

And don't ask for "free/libre drivers" any more. Practically almost every WLAN card has free/libre drivers. But most of them don't work without non-free firmware. Keep in mind that driver and firmware are different.

(Once someone else asked me for a WLAN card with free driver. I gave him a Realtek one. He asked me why it didn't work on a free distribution. I replied "you asked for a card that had free driver, not a card that didn't require non-free firmware to work".)

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