Yesterday morning, I succeeded in a direct LAN connection (modem > the LAN cable > X60s). For an hour, it was stable. I was happy, then I took a nap for a few hours without touching the laptop. After I woke up, it did not connect at all. I tried various things, but did not work. I am not sure if I should write every thing what I did. Anyway now, finally I cannot use even Wifi, too. Both Ethernet and Wifi networks are disconnected.
I was at my wit's end.
I took a log with j'ournalctl -u NetworkManager'.
The log is very long. I am not sure if I should paste it here. How should I do?? Anyway Trisquel has few times received some information from the TPE-1200 via both the cable and Wifi. But I cannot still log in to Luci.

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