Youtube-dl is now working again. I didn't follow any of the newer instructions above. But if I remember rightly, I did upgrade to a newer version of the Linux kernel since I last tried. Maybe that helped somehow?

> The situation wouldn't be much better on other fixed-release distros, even those that are currently up-to-date.

Doesn't that depend on the cause of the problem? Some of the comments here suggest that the problem is youtube-dl running with Python2, instead of Python3. Since the EoL was announced for Python2 some time ago, I presume distros maintainers would have ensured that they shipped Python3 in newer versions, and made it the default version that Python programs use.

> They will quickly fall behind in their versions of youtube-dl and incompatibilities between the script and site APIs will surface.

That's not been my experience with youtube-dl on Flidas. Apart from this recent hiccup, it has always worked fine on YT or Invidious instances, as mentioned in the OP. Perhaps the Trisquel devs backport the latest versions?

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