There is an odd logic that "tries to sort out irrelevant email
addresses" [1] that ignores non-matching email addresses if the search
condition matches one at least. The point is to make search by email
address more comfortable. Maybe this is which playing tricks with you.

Akonadi always return with a contact. Suppose that John Doe has 2 email
addresses: j...@acme.org and j...@doe.org. If you want to send to the
last one, you will type "joni" and the address completion popup menu
provides j...@doe.org first. But without this logic, j...@acme.org would
be the first, j...@doe.org the second. I think it's weird, especially if
your matched contact have 10+ email addresses for some reason.

A possible improvement is to list email addresses of the matching
contact by relevance instead of ignoring some, but this required much
more complicated algorithm to weight addresses. Not sure that worth it.
This simple logic is working well if you know the trick.


On 2017-12-28 22:56, Erik Quaeghebeur wrote:
> * The addressbook appears to not return all addresses for a given contact 
> when searching, e.g., but just the first or first two. But perhaps this is 
> an Akonadi-related issue I might tweak in its configuration?

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