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Yes. You are possibly right. There was no wild drive to get new people in. Many people then (like me, like Ken Urquhart) came in by recommendation. It is worth noting that in the beginning the Sea org was only open to people who attained the state of Clear "the hard way", and you had a be Class VI to be invited on the solo auditing course leading to solo auditing on End Words and then on the Clearing Course.
However I certainly was not higher toned then and I do not think Ken was

On 17-09-2016 17:23, The Resolution of Mind list wrote:

That is before scn got increasingly taken over by the crazies in the 70s and on.

In the beginning many much higher toned and much higher theta beings got into scn, before it got such a bad reputation as now, where no self respecting person would come near it.

That probably explains why many of the people that posted on these replays are so much more intelligent.


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