Hi all,

I'm extending the tpm-tools and using the console input handling methods used 
by the rest of the utilities.

I'm building all the tools myself, including my new tools, but the "Enter owner 
password:" prompt isn't working right: I enter my password, then hit ENTER, but 
it blows right past the "Confirm Password" prompt, which I obviously didn't 
have time to input, and fails for "Passwords didn't match"

> Enter new owner password:     {password entered and click ENTER}
> Confirm password: Passwords didn't match   { didn't stop here for my input }

It does this for my new tools as well as existing tools that I build without 
modification.  Also note that the Trousers tpm-tools package installed on my 
machine (Ubuntu 14.04) does not exhibit this behavior, only the ones I build.

Here's my code:
                if (!owner_well_known) {
                                // Prompt for owner password
                                szTpmPasswd = GETPASSWD(_("Enter owner 
password: "), &tpm_len, TRUE);
                                if (!szTpmPasswd){
                                                printf("ERROR: Failed to get 
owner password.\n");
                                                goto abort;
                } else {
                                szTpmPasswd = (char *)well_known_secret;

Where GETPASSWD is defined in the tpm-tools project.  This is pretty straight 
forward, so I don't know what's wrong.

The problem must be something in my build, but I don't know where to start.  
Can someone here point me in the right direction to fix this?

Tadd Seiff
Software Development
Western Digital Corporation
(949) 672.6669

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