> Does Trousers(any version) support TPM 2.0 specification ? 

No.  Some of us looked at it, but TPM 2.0 is so different in details
from 1.2 that it didn't make sense,

> Is there any way
> to test the Trouser API without having TPM 2.0 hardware support ?

IBM has software TPMs for both TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0 that I
recommend for development.  It's far easier to debug.


> I need to test the signature generation/verification executable(
> implemented using trouser-0.3.13) on TPM 2.0 that I already successfully
> tested on TPM 1.2.

IBM has a TSS for TPM 1.2 here. 


The included utilities have sample code for each TPM command, 
and they can be scripted for rapid prototyping. 

The regression test scripts can also be used as sample script code, 
since they performs many typical use cases.  Signature generation 
and verification are included.

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