--- "ShieldsFamily" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
TPW, You are my most favorite Pagan. It was nice talking to you when David
had the chatline.  Although, true to your gender, all you seemed to tune in
for was hitting on the chicks that came by. :-)  Izzy

Daniel responds:

Look at what the whore izzy  is  doing now.   My,  my.  She  is actually cozying  up 
to a professing YHVH hater and a pagan.  Wow.  Then she makes light of his lustful 

Izzy  is  definetley a whore in  every sense of the scriptural word.  Wow.  My 
discernment is  sharp  as a tack,  as usual.

Now  -- for the rest  of you mockers who suggested my parents  should not have 
reproduced -- you really  know not of what you speak.

My  mom and dad  COULD  NOT HAVE ANY MORE CHILDREN after my older brother.   It  was 
physically impossible.  Then they  attended a worship service and a prophet  
prophecied  that Yah wanted to make a couple  pregnant.  This  couple mocked and 
scorned  the prophet -- but my parents decided to take the promise for themselves.

My parents  then had me 9 months later --  a complete  miracle baby.  You see my mom's 
1st  Fallopian tube  was taken out when my  older brother was born.  The second 
Fallopian  tube had two huge knots in  it.  The doctors  to  this  day  do not know 
how my dad's sperm ever got through to the egg.

They  interviews my parents on radio programs and newspapers in  the Spring of 1979  
in Austin, Texas when I was born.  18  months  later,  my  younger brother was born  
-- a second miracle baby.

YHVH powerfully anointed my  Yah fearing parents with the Holy Spirit and His  Word 
and  trusted in Him -- that  is how I was born.

But, like the reprobated trash you are -- you speak  evil  of things you  know not of. 
 The book  of Jude describes izzy whore,  john diaper baby  and the others.

In YahShua and  growing in His  Word and Ruach,
Daniel John Lee

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