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> Daniel, what is your line of work? Your 9-5. Your chosen career field?
> Perry

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> Dear Bro Chris,
> Greetings in the Matchless Name of YahShua!!!
> At  a little after  8am this morning, Perry told TT that he was going to
give me a chance to "shape  up" my posts.
> At around  9am  he banned me from TT.
> HMMMM . . .  anyway,  here was my  final  post in  answer to Perry's
question about my day job.  It never made it on the forum.  I thought maybe
you could pass  this on to Elsman if you have his email . . .
> Dear Perry,
> YHVH has both "called me out" and  "chosen me" to be  a sort of jed
> smock (only  the Torah Version).  Although, it owuld be SAFER to
> classify me  as a mix of jed smock (though I tend to have a stronger
> dosage of the ken jones flavour), a tad of Webber (love his signs,
> banners and t-shirts), with a healthy dose of Bro Chris Barr stirred in.
>   At the center of it all,  of course -- is YahShua the Messiah.
> I have publicly preached since Fall of 1997, both on the streets and
> campuses.
> For 2 years (2001-2003) I pubicly preached 4  days  a week at Portland
> State University  because Yah blessed with  me a part-time morning job
> that supplied a full time income  for my family.
> In Spring of 2003 I entered the full time ministry in which I toured the
> United States and began exalting the Torah  and YahShua at many
> campuses.   However, by the summer of 2003, we were unable to  persuade
>   the Body of Messiah to financially support our ministry, so I had to
> return to the work field.  We had  exhausted our savings.
> I now live in California where I operate  my own house cleaning
> business.   We have  also  recently launched our own internet business
> and my wife  has begun her own facial cleanser/lotion business.  Annika
> is certainly  a Proverbs 31  wife! :) She burns the candle late into the
> night and rises  early to bless her family! :)
> When time and money allow,  I make  ventures down  to UCLA in Los
> Angelos to preach.  I am praying and hoping for the financial  means to
> continue our tour but am waiting on YHVH.
> In the meantime, I have written a novel about the life of King Solomon
> which has been accepted by a very  small publisher but will  not
> contract for about another  2  years.  In the meantime, this  publisher
>   encouraged me to see if any other large  publishers  would take  up
> the novel to see if I could get more money for it.
> I have been told my novel  could net anywhere from a $20,000  to $70,000
> advance depending  on  which publisher I  can convince to  market the
> novel.  I have a pile of rejection letters on my desk, but some of them
> have been encouraging becuse they are more than  just  standard form
> letters.  One publisher even said my novel was a fine proposal.   So, we
> will see.  I am daily approaching the Throne of Grace boldly, asking
> Yah to provide me a huge advance from a publisher as that would fund me
> preaching for at  least a few years.  I am not holding  my breath for
> the Body of Messiah to ever step  in to fund us.
> We also send out a monthly newsletter for Torah Restoration Ministries
> and  try to maintain our website as much as possible.
> Recently we have started another branch of our ministry where my wife
> and I will go on to internet chat  rooms  and minister to the heathen,
> hypocrite and the converted.   I, of course, expound on the Word of Yah
>   while my wife inspires -- a regular  Priscilla  and Apollos!!!  :)
> In YahShua and  by His Torah,
> Daniel John Lee

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