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I just skimmed most of this. But I'm not understanding why God would
allegedly tell you something contrary to His Word....such as this "age of
this and that". Sounds like dispensationalism to me....which is clearly NOT
Scriptural. I'm not going to debate over this, but I ask...was it God you
heard from, or something else? We already have the foundation regarding
prophets laid for us. The SAME foundation is continued in the Newer
  Maybe I'm touchy about this subject since being stuck in a cult-group who
said much of the same things you're currently saying....the Lord told me,
the Lord says...I had a dream....I had an awesome dream. I've been there,
done that, and don't care to do it again. We were taken  advantage of,
preyed upon, treated like crap, had FOOD cut off from us and the
children...including our own food, mind you, because we were wicked,
horrible people who wouldn't bow down to the "leader" and his "prophet" and
do what he said, no matter WHAT he said. Darn tootin' when someone says the
same types of makes my skin crawl and makes me want to RUN and
never return. Darn tootin' I would ask for PROOF of someone's proclamation
of a certain gift, any of the gifts. I can give many witnesses for my own
gifts...discernment, mercy, encouragement. So should you, David.
There's an old Yiddish word for it... bülshit.


DavidM  --  I hope you can take a look at what K says and understand hers/Slade's concern with not only your claim but your defense.  Few prophets, if any, biblically speaking, were not convincing.   If you are a prophet,  take a look at your presentation as a prophet and consider how you can deal with the problem.  You appear to me to be a prophet without an assigment.   I don't consider King David a prophet but I do consider Nathan to be one.   Is it possible that you are not a prophet but a teacher or an evangelist?  I do see that as a possibility.   The prophet thing  --  I don't see it, either.   I am not the one to determine this  --  since I do not know you well enough to make that determination.  So I just offer some advice/suggestion. 


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