El 19/09/16 a les 10:26, Ali Kefia ha escrit:
We faced this problem last year and worked on scaling trytond this way

  * Shared Cache on Redis
  * Load balance with Nginx
  * Sync mechanism via redis PUB/SUB to reload Pool

Description of Coog (trytond spécialized ERP)
here: http://coopengo.com/coog-v1-6-nouvelle-architecture/
Implementation on a trytond fork: https://github.com/coopengo/trytond
For more details or help using it, send me an email

AFAIU you need the redis chache and the sync mechaninsm because you have the wsgi servers running in different machines. Am I right?

Sorry if it is still a custom code, we plan to discuss all this stuff in
TUB 2016 and hopefully get part of them in tryton out of the box.
Will be great if we can discuss on the ML/BT/discuss server so other peopole not attending at TUB can also join the discussion ;-)

Sergi Almacellas Abellana
Twitter: @pokoli_srk

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