On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 15:30:03 UTC+2, Cédric Krier wrote:
> On 2016-09-21 05:51, edbo....@gmail.com <javascript:> wrote: 
> > Ah, ok. I tried it on version 4.0. Is it possible to build a version for 
> > 4.0? 
> No this is development feature. 
> > Or have a demo4.1.tryton.org up just for testing? 
> It will be too much work to keep up to date a server on the development 
> branch because it changes almost every day. 
> I didn't mean to keep it up and running, but just for testing the client. 
But nevertheless, I setted up my own testserver, created a new database and 
installed some modules. After that I added some products and added some 

>     - installation is working 

Installation on Windows 7 x86_64 works OK. When installed on one system, 
you can grab the whole directory and copy it to another machine and it will 
still work.

>     - client start 

Client starts without any glitch

>     - can open form, list, graph and calendar views 

No problems here

>     - uninstallation is working

The whole directory is removed including the shortcuts.

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