I found a very old thread on this, but it seems all the docs covering this 
have disappeared.

So, in order to search parties by zip code, i need to make a function field 
for the party and a function field searcher function?
Is there an example i can have a look?

The other idea would be to do something like this:

def search_rec_name(cls, name, clause):
    domain = super(Party, cls).search_rec_name(name, clause)
    Address = Pool().get("party.address")
    addresses = Address.search([("zip", "=", clause[2]), ("active", "=", True)])
    parties = [address.party.id for address in addresses]
    domain.append(("id", "in" parties))

Anyone has the same implemented?
Party lookup by zip code is a very important demand at the company i work 

best regards,

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