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Hi All,

Seeing the official modules have Test folder, it contains test case and
May I know how to run test case?

You have several possibilities here:

1. Run the run-test.py[1] script from the tryton server using the -m <module_name> to execu 2. Execute python setup.py test with the DB_NAME key set in the environemnt. For example, for runing in a memory sqlite database you can use the following command:

DB_NAME=:memory: python setup.py test

Note: The second will install the package and the required dependencies.
or when can I find the documentation for unittest?
1. What are prerequisite?
2. How to write?
3. How to run?

I've done some talk about it in the past, you have the slides avaialble here [2] and the video record [3] (sorry but only in spanish)

Hope it helps!

[1] http://hg.tryton.org/trytond/file/9c2eb1b04df8/trytond/tests/run-tests.py
[2] http://pokoli.github.io/testing-in-tryton/#/
[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGfz3MaNxec
Sergi Almacellas Abellana
Twitter: @pokoli_srk

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