I am trying to understand how production module, production routing and production works, but it seems I can not get finish or set "done" production.

1. I created new Production

2. I added to this production BOM (with inputs and outputs)

3. I setted Routing and Work Center

4. I change the state of production from 'draft' to 'waiting', 'assigned', 'running'.

5. I try change state on tab 'Works' for each 'work' but the buttons on 'Cycles' lines (pop-pup window), ever are 'readonly', I try to test all states of Production, and ever are readonly this buttons

The only way for activate this buttons as not 'readonly' is add new cycle, press Ok on cycles, next ok in Works, Save the production and newly open Works and next Cycles, this behavior is very strange, I think there is a bug when we create records on pop-pup with states buttons, because this buttons ignoring the states attribute of fields, and ever are readonly

Oscar Alvarez

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