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> Dear Cédric,
> 1. Switching via VNC / SSH
> you can switch between the different OSX version / partitions by rebooting 
> the machine.
> In order to do so you access via VNC and select System Preferences.
> There you select “startup disk”.
> https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202796
> (there is also a way to do this via ssh: 
> https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-change-the-mac-startup-disk-from-the-command-line)
> After the selection of the startup disk you have to reboot the machine, which 
> is then coming up with the selected OSX version.
> 2. Resizing the internal disk
> Your internal disk seems to be 500GB with 465GB available.
> I assume you just have one partition right now.
> You can resize (also shrink) the last partition of a volume using disk 
> utility from Apple.
> https://www.imore.com/how-partition-your-mac
> Of course I recommend to make a backup before, which you should have anyway.
> However, it works without loosing data. I have done it.
> A minimum installation of OSX needs 16GB, but recommended is 32 GB.
> Provided that you need space for the development tools as well I would 
> suggest 128GB for a partion.
> Thus, reduce the existing partition by 256 GB with disk utility and create 
> two new partitions with 128 GB each. Gives you the option to go for OS 10.14 
> on the second partition as this gets available.
> 3. Installing additional OSX versions
> If you want to follow this root and have performed the above step, please 
> contact me again.
> Perhaps, we can find a way how to access the older OSX version you need for 
> installation.

Thanks but this is still not very remote developer friendly (and we will
need to give root access). But also, I'm a bit worry to make disk
manipulation on a machine for which I have no backup nor installation

Any way, I will keep this in mind if the Foundation does not provide a
second host.

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Tel: +32 472 54 46 59
Website: http://www.b2ck.com/

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