On 2018-04-02 23:19, Cédric Krier wrote:
> On 2018-03-26 18:11, Cédric Krier wrote:
> > The translation will start next week on 2nd April and will end on 20th
> > April at 20:00 CEST on https://pootle.tryton.org/
> The translations have been updated. You can start translate.

I found that I made a mistake in the process of generating the template.
So some new translations have been marked as translated with the English
value. So I run a script to mark every translations which has the same
value as the source, as fuzzy. This may have marked as fuzzy some valid
translations but it was the options with the smaller impact.
Sorry for the extra work that generates.

I filled https://bugs.tryton.org/issue7330 to avoid this in the future.

PS: I have updated the translations of country and currency modules.

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