I'm just wondering. We took the account_statement_coda module to build the 
account_statement_mt940 module. The module just import the statement and 
creates the origins, but there are no lines created. So we still have to 
manually add the statement lines?

We have now an almost working module for importing mt940 statements (except 
creating / filling a dict with the information). Because we want minimal work, 
we have also extended the import wizard with a default payable and receivable 
account and the statement lines are also created and linked to the origin.

So we can do two things: 
- Keep this module as it works perfectly for us
- Split the module into a basic version as the other ones and create our own to 
add the extra functionality. The basic version can then be added to the set of 
default modules if wanted. But as not being a full-time developer, but it's 
rather a hobby, I have no experience with testing, or creating installable new 
python-packages etc. If anybody can help me out here with some extra 
explanation of http://www.tryton.org/how-to-contribute.html would be very 

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