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2012/7/18 Cédric Krier <>:
It is

I think "the problem" is modules are available in pypi site, not the module name
I think that pypi is a good place to find all the tryton related modules.

I disagree.
As I told you on twitter, we have two ways to denote tryton packages
in pypi:

    - The classifier
    - The name

I propose that names starting by 'trytond_' denote official tryton
packages. All other packages should be named just like people want as
long as they use the correct classifier then users of pypi will be
able to find them easily.

It's good to separate official packages than unofficial ones, but I think that a name convention is not a easy way to differ it, specially for newcomers.

Why we don't add (or the tryton foundation) in Package Index Owner and Package Index Maintainer to denote an official module? The rest of the modules will have it's own maintainer denoting that it isn't an official module.

It makes sense to me. What do you think?

Just my 2 cents!

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