Hi I have a similar problem.

Trytond is running (3.8). 
Tryton client can connect successfully, so everything with trytond and db 
seems ok. 

I have SAO 3.8 installed according to readme (same version series).

When opening SAO in browser, i get the login splash, but no database is 
displayed and i can do nothing. 

Any hints?

On Monday, April 18, 2016 at 4:50:34 PM UTC+2, PhiJ wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I am new to Tryton and I have been working till now with GTK Client, but 
> when I installed Sao and after I configured the config file, I can access 
> to the login page but it doesn't show any database to select and if I write 
> it, it doesn't connect. I have been trying all I could and reading each 
> document that I found, but I couldn't find why this is happening. Anybody 
> can help me?
> (All the configuration is local for development, so there is no any 
> connection to other machine)
> This is my trytond.config:
> [jsonrpc]
> listen = *:8000
> data = /home/user/.virtualenvs/tryton/sao
> [database]
> uri = postgresql://tryton:tryton@localhost:5432/
> path = /home/user/.virtualenvs/tryton/trytond
> auto_reload = True
> Thank you in advance, best regards!

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