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        Dear All,

        After installing GNU Health 3.2 in virtual environment, I am
        able to start trytond and can see the following last line in the

*23324 139852617877248 [2017-07-14 03:50:30,892] INFO werkzeug * Running on http://localhost:8000/ (Press CTRL+C to quit)*

    if you are conection from another machine, you should modify your
    config files to listen to all interfaces. See:

Whenever I try to connect, I see a message in the log file as stated earlier.
But this log says that the tryton client is conecting to the server.

Can you use the --dev flag on client and the --verbose and --dev flag on server to see the full output and paste it here?

Sergi Almacellas Abellana
Twitter: @pokoli_srk

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