Am 09.08.2017 um 19:27 schrieb Rhys:
> I am not much of a Python programmer so I can't really interpret what
> the code is doing. 
> What value is Tryton looking for to be unique? Is it the product id?

Once I had this problem too. To debug it I was running the whole server
with a copy of the database on my local Computer in an IDE (Wingware)
with debugging mode, setting stop points and checking the stack-data.
This way i followed it down to the SQL-Querry.

In the end it was a error in the data in the database, that resulted in
the Query giving back multiple records for this one line.
The wrong data originated from me messing by hand in the database when
testing. I don't remember what was wrong exactly and i didn't take notes
as it usually can't happen.

I hope it helps even as I'm not very specific.

Best Regards,


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