I have installed Tryton 4.6 on Debian 9 with packages from debian.tryton.org, 
having previously installed openssl and postgresql packages.
I am able to connect from Linux and Windows clients to it, but then I decided 
to activate SSL, uncommenting the snakeoil entries in trytond.conf and 
restarting the trytond-server. Connection always fails. Because I am currently 
testing, I deleted the whole .config/tryton/4.6/known_hosts even if it is not 
recommended practice, this did not help either.
Just for the sake of testing, I uninstalled 4.6 and installed 4.2 from Debian 9 
repository. This worked flawlessly, with and without SSL. Thing is this did not 
help much because Debian's 4.2 is still python2 based while 4.6 from 
debian.tryton.org is python3.
I have searched the forum but found no hints to follow. Please give me some 

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