You must be thinking of Ark-as-in-Noah Linux. This is Arch-as-in-Saint-Louis Linux. Arch is more or less from scratch, Ark is based on Redhat I think. The two distros probably started at around the same time so the name conflict wasn't apparent.

On that note, the new version of Mozilla Firebird is named Firefox. While Firefox is a cooler name and without the conflict with the database, I think its getting a little ridiculious that they change their name so often. And I'm pretty sure its eventually going to be called "Mozilla" regardless.

Osnews has a very glowing review of Arch Linux.

Arch Linux was founded by the guy that ran the KDE maintenance for Red Hat.

And he's got some interesting ideas about task/role separation in terms of
applications and users that's a bit different than the usual uid/gid/other
permissions of *nix.

I thought I read that he's using YUM to manage the package dependency/update stuff.

And yes, it could be quite interesting.


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