Here's some good humor...

One of the installs from InstallFest is a friend of mine from the Computer Gaming Association here at TSU. He was discussing some of the stuff on his in the CGA IRC channel...talking about Mozilla and stuff. Here's the great statement from another person in the channel...that perfectly shows how truly ignorant most end-users are.

[03:46:31] <ZeGermans> i don't get why people use mozilla over IE... in it's beta stages, it's much more bug ridden than IE
[03:46:42] <ZeGermans> eventually it'll be better, yes.
[03:47:19] <ZeGermans> but right now the only reason people use it is to be in the 'cool anti-microsoft crowd' while they type on their window machine.

I have officially dubbed it THE MOST INACCURATE STATEMENT OF ALL TIME... I was so unbelieveably flabbergasted at the mere concept. He should be eternally grateful that I was not watching the channel when he said that, or I would probably still be releasing my ravenous fury upon him in a flurry of messages.

Ross D.

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