Hi, all.

At the InstallFest on Saturday, Alex (Alec?) and Ian were great in helping me successfully upgrade to the Debian 2.4.25 kernel on the IBM 300GL machine (model#6285) that is to be the new server on campus for Moodle, the open-source alternative to Blackboard. Unfortunately, with the kernel upgrade, the Ethernet card (a 3com "Vortex" model) is no longer working on the machine (either booting up with the new kernel or with the old one, 2.4.18, with which the Ethernet card had previously worked). At the advice of Don Bindner, I added to the /etc/modutils directory a file called "local" with the single line in it, "alias eth0 3c59x." That didn't get the Ethernet card working (nor did adding that line to the aliases file in the same directory). Running "insmod 3c59x," I got the reply that the module already existed.

Any help you could offer in getting the Ethernet card recognized would be great. It's hard for the machine to be a server without an Internet connection! Thanks.

--- Chad

P.S.: I'd bring the machine to the Wednesday TSLUG meeting, but unfortunately, I have another commitment already scheduled for the same time.

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