Title: Mailman config problem, the sequel

     I think I solved all the moodle server's Mailman configuration problems I wrote about in my message ("Mailman config problem") last Sunday.  Mailman seems to work a-OK now, except for one odd problem: any listserv-related message that the moodle server sends gets the "To:" return address wrong if the recipient has a truman.edu address- the return address incorrectly ends in "truman.edu," rather than in "moodle.truman.edu."  Any such message, however, has the right return address (ending in moodle.truman.edu) if the recipient has a non-truman.edu address.
     Here's an example:
  • Suppose a listserv named "test" exists on the moodle server.
  • Any listserv message the moodle server sends to a truman.edu address has in its "To:" field the incorrect address "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" (or "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" or "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"), rather than "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
  • Any listserv message the moodle server sends to a non-truman.edu address, on the other hand, has in its "To:" field the correct address "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" (or "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" or "[EMAIL PROTECTED]").

     The problem, of course, is that truman.edu folks who automatically hit reply to listserv messages are going to end up sending them to the wrong place: to [EMAIL PROTECTED], rather than to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

     Do you know why the messages moodle's Mailman sends to truman.edu addresses have [EMAIL PROTECTED], rather than [EMAIL PROTECTED], as their return addresses?  Is there some configuration value for exim that I need to change?  (I have the "qualify_domain" variable for exim.conf set as moodle.truman.edu, and the DEFAULT_HOST_NAME variable for the Mailman config file mm_cfg.py set as moodle.truman.edu).  Thanks for the advice.

--- Chad

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