Minko Minkov wrote:
hello guys,
I don't know what is your experience with DVDs but I have a little problem. I use mplayer and it works fine, but when the DVD-ROM strats reading from the DVD the picture and the sound stops for a while. There was a suggestion to increase the cache. Even with the maximum cache of 32768 it still kept pausing while reading from the media. If anyone has an idea how to fix that I'll be glad. Thanks

What distribution are you using? Do the DVDs work fine in other players? Once one of the DVDs I checked out from the library made my DVD player make lots of noise and smell of burnt rubber, that was uncool.

So it starts playing the movie fine but occasionally shudders?

Does mplayer give any useful text output?

A method that might fix the issue without figuring out the problem is try installing another DVD player like Xine (with one of the encrypted DVD plugins) and see if that works.

Ian Monroe

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