I just found out this morning that the University's next surplus auction
will be held on Saturday, April 17th at 9:00 AM.  I'll paste the
contents of the auction announcement below.  There should be around 50
or more of the IBM PC 300GL systems available (Usually PII 300 MHz with
4 GB Hard Drive).  Anything can change, so the list may not be final.  

Happy treasure hunting,

Surplus Auction

There will be a Public Auction of Surplus Equipment and Furniture for
Truman State University 
at the Dulaney/Baldwin Building #4 on LaHarpe Street in Kirksville,
Missouri on 
Saturday, April 17, 2004 at 9:00 a.m.
Announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over all other

Computers: (5) IBM PC 330, IBM PS Value Point, IBM 330 466 DX2, Mac
LCIII, Mac color display, Apple tower, (7) PowerMac G3P, (3) Gateway
computers, (10) IBM computers, (9) Commodore 64, (2) Zenith computer,
(42) IBM 300GL, (5) IBM 330-P100, Laptops: (2) Mac PowerBook, Monitors:
(3) IBM 14L8, Gateway EV500, Sony 100ES,  (3) Sony, (2) 15" Sony, (4)
Gateway monitors, (5) monitors, (4) Commodore 64 monitors, (5) Mac
display, IBM 670, Sony 200ES, (8) IBM, Triniton MultiScan  Printers:
LaserJet 1200, (2) Okidata printer, LaserJet Series II, Image Writer II,
Color StyleWriter 1500, Color StyleWriter 4500, HP 660C, (26) HP
LaserJet printer, (2) Proprinter, LaserJet II printer, (3) HP 500
DeskJet, Tektronix Phaser 850, (9) IBM 2390 Printers Misc. Computer
Equip: Accessory Kit Mac 7300, modem, (2) Robotics 33.6 fax modem,
printer stand, Sony 100ES scanner, Gateway Diamondtron, (4) keyboard and
mouse, Apple Multiscan display, Apple Design keyboard, box of misc.
computer parts, (4) IBM keyboard, Casio dictionary, (2) Sony Multiscan
scanners, IBM speakers and keyboard, (26) keyboards, HP 8000 paper tray,
IBM PC 300GL hard drive, (3) IBM hard drive, (2) Boston speakers, (3)
mice, keyboard stand, box of keyboards, box of mouse pads, (2) speaker
systems, several Tektronix Phaser 850 toner boxes, assorted power cords
Antiques: bookcase, Microwaves: GE microwave Fax Machines: Canon CFX
L400, Panafax VF332, Canon fax, Canon CFX-4000 Plain paper fax Cleaning
Equipment: extractor, Advance 16 sweeper, (2) Advance sweepers, Hoover
sweeper, Advance carpet twin sweeper, (2) Advance extractor, mop bucket,
10-gallon shop vac, (3) Advance low-speed buffer, (2) Advance papose
vacuum, Advance shop vac, Advance carpet twin 18, Hoover Conquest
vacuum, SSS wet vac, (2) Advance Aquaclean Quikfill workstation
Typewriters: (2) IBM wheel writer, Canon AP155 Office Equipment: Desktop
organizer, Lift off tape, (4) Oxford Roll labels for files, Dymo
Organizer 1610, Copier, lamp, (5) file cabinets, metal bookcase, wood
file cabinet, large black filing cabinet, flat file cabinet, 10' table
w/shelf, 8' table Furniture: large oak flat tile, large oak trophy case,
short book shelf, (2) white chairs with metal legs, (3) wooden chairs
w/no arms, (3) wooden chairs with arms, (2) wood chairs with metal legs,
padded chair with arms, (2) padded chairs with no arms, desk, bookshelf,
brown metal cart, grey metal cart, metal coat rack, tall wooden shelf,
(12) wooden locker benches, orange chair, approx 20 computer chairs
Scientific Equipment: (3) sample containers, (3) model 2000 scale,
Spectrum 88 analyzer, 810C wel counter, Beckman Gamma 4000, sample
carrier, sample holder Audio-Visual Equipment: underwater camera and
cord, Aiwa stereo system, Sanyo CD/cassette/ recorder/radio, overhead
projector, Emerson radio/tape player, boxed PA system, (3) 35mm cameras,
Aomni scribe recorder, (2) desk radios, (3) Pioneer CD players  Sports
Equipment: Hydro gym power, (2) Monark exercise bike, (2) diving
standard rails, Paddock diving standard step, (2) NMSU pace clocks, (2)
Recreanics backboards, Henly backboard, Seim bench mini gym, pool cues,
(4) soccer balls, (2) basketballs, (2) volleyballs, (3) metal ball
racks, assorted worn athletic balls Misc. Equipment: Belco standing
dryer, Kew Hobby pressure washer, hand cart, misc. plastic tanks, hoses
Miscellaneous: (2) Quartzline lamp, (6) small notepads, (2) boxes of
paper clips, (2) sponges, (2) post it note holders, Franklin Quest hole
punch, calendar holder, Acco fasteners, large bag of packing material,
(3) drum containers, bathroom door, water softener unit, (3)
cut-a-circle, (2) hospital beds, (3) silverware and holder, (3)
microfridges, (2) tray holder, tan phone, AT&T phone, box of trophies,
lumber from coat racks, blue pull-cart, pegboard, (4) calculators, (6)
cell phones, (59) watches, (3) CD players, metronome, digital tuner, box
of misc. jewelry, bathmat, (5) cases poster mounts, (6) counter tops,
storage cabinet, bulletin board, (2) desktop shelves, large paper
cutter, box of misc. office supplies, rotator, rate meter model,
Eblerline dosimeter, Zenith expansion chassis, Eberline sample holder,
Herman Miller shelving and brackets, Unitrex calculator, (2) electric
fans, (3) counter tops, wheels for book trucks, book truck, (2) sign
display stands, electric wall clock, box of power cords, art portfolio
case, misc. wall lockers, hall tree, Nokia cellular phones and
accessories  Music Practice Room:  (2) Acoustic Systems Model No. MPR,
Serial No. 22070A disassembled music practice rooms Automobiles: 1992
Dodge Van Vehicle will not sell before 11:00 a.m.

All items will be sold "As is, Where is" with no guarantees stated or
All Sales are final and the high bidder is to pay for and remove the
items from the property on the day of the sale. 
Terms of payment are Cash, personal check, or Purchase Order (if prior
arrangements have been made). 
Sales Tax will be collected unless the buyer has a Tax Number on file
with the University. 
The University will not be liable for accidents or lost and stolen

Guest Auctioneers
Jerry McMain                            Bob Jones
McMain Auction Company              Truman State University
(660) 665-9380                      (660) 785-4417

Chad Tatro
Director of Client Services
Information Technology Services
Truman State University / SunGard Collegis Inc.

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