Here's the lowdown on the various new MDK ISOs coming out.

WRT to the recent conversation on mirroring, only the "Download Edition" is 
likely to be re-distributable. I will be able to know for sure when I finish 
using BT to get both the DL Edition, the PP Edition and the bonus CDs. The PP 
edition may have goodies like the ATI or nVidia drivers already built-in and 
ready-to-go on an install. Which doesn't matter to me, since I use Matrox.

>From the Mandrakelinux Community Newsletter, Issue #91 Friday, 23 April 2004:

10.0 Official -- Come and get it!
Mandrakeclub members have been busy downloading Mandrakelinux 10.0
Official. Club members may choose from different download options
depending upon membership level:

- Standard Members and above: The Download Edition includes three
  Install CDs plus a fourth 'Extra applications' CD

- Silver Members and above: The PowerPack CD ISO images includes three
  Install CDs plus two additional CDs of extra applications

- Gold Members and above: The PowerPack+ CD ISO images includes three
  Install CDs plus four additional CDs of extra applications (including
  the Kolab groupware server)

- Corporate Club members: The PowerPack DVD includes all applications on
  one convenient DVD disc

Get busy downloading today:

Plus: Standard level members receive an immediate 20% discount on the
Mandrakelinux Discovery, PowerPack and PowerPack+ boxes at
Mandrakestore; Silver levels and above enjoy an immediate 25% discount.

Also: Commercial RPM packages -- including drivers, plugins and
commercial RPMs available in the PowerPack -- are now online for club
members. 10.0 'Community' users are urged to update their kernel to use
the latest NVidia and ATI drivers as explained in the following



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