SCSI hard drives are supported in Linux.  More specifically, Linux
supports a large number of SCSI cards.  Adaptec are well-supported, as
are most other brands of SCSI controllers.  Your best bet is to find one
you like and search around on google to see what people have been saying
about it and Linux.

As for the speed increase, it is real.  Depending on your bus interface
(PCI-X, 64bit/66MHz PCI) the speed increases will be different.  The CPU
utilization tends to be a little bit lower too when using SCSI disks
with disk-intensive processes.

RAID controllers are also well-supported by Linux.  If you want really
good speed, get a RAID5 system.  But, if you are short on cash, you
might just want to try out a smaller setup.  When I say a RAID system, I
am talking about hardware RAID, not the stuff done in software.  But
software has its advantages too, but not nearly as much in speed as

I hope this is helpful.

Caleb Jorden

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 18:18, Joshua wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I've been investigating SCSI hard drives lately, and I wanted to know if 
> TSLUG members had done any experimentation with Linux and SCSI. What 
> interface cards, hard drives, etc. that have worked for you with Linux? 
> With SCSI hard drives, is there a very noticeable speed increase in hard 
> drive access time? I'm really interested in what everyone has to say 
> about this.
> Joshua K.
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