On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 05:56:54PM -0500, Alexander Horn wrote:
> 'hope you guys had a good summer.
> Caleb and I were talking on Sunday and there is no doubt that tslug has 
> to get started again -- and it will. So far I tried to talk to Dr. 
> Bindner regarding the most trivial thing on earth -- that is where do 
> we get the keys from for the room. He wasn't there but I left a 
> note...so far no response...
> Despite the fact that we don't know where to meet right now, there is 
> no doubt that there will be activities coming up. Just by working for 
> faculty on an open-source project right now, I got a little impression 
> again of this messed up situation here on campus when it comes to 
> open-source. Without tslug that is not going to change... tslug is 
> going to continue to make its contributions.
> alex

I'll check into a room.  I suggest we schedule a meeting for
Wednesday at 6:30pm, and I'll verify that we can get space.
As to keys, MTCS faculty can open 1232 and 1220.  We can also get
Public Safety to open rooms for meetings if we arrange it ahead.

I don't think we need a topic.  Rather, I think the focus should
be greeting new members and answering questions.  I believe the
president took this semester off, so picking a new leader should
be on the agenda.



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