On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 10:37:25PM -0500, Peter Snoblin wrote:
> iosif wrote (Thursday 02 September 2004 10:12 pm):
> > 1.  it's pronounced something like F.S.-check, as in, "there's an F S
> > check meeting tonight, and man it has a cool name".  as for lacking
> > vowels, a lot of abbreviations and organizations do fine without:
> > BBB, PBK, PKP, and even student senate with the dreaded SS.
> Well, from everything I've seen/heard most people do actually say it 
> fsssk. Sure, it stands for the File System Checker, but why say 
> something long like "FS-Check" when fsssk is so much faster. Also, 
> most, if not all, of the examples you give are spelled out when said, 
> eg. Bee Bee Bee, Pee Bee Kay, &c. Eff Ess Cee Kay just don't have a 
> good ring to it, or so it seems to me.

Actually, as I understood it, the pronunciation was eff-sock.  A
bit of Googling would seem to put that in the minority though.

I told my wife about the name when I read it on the list.  Her
non-geek opinion was that it was pretty funny and that it serves
Truman right for being so weird about the name thing.  To her
credit she has seen many an fsck during boot, so some of the
humer was apparent to her.

However, the name will last a lot longer than any nose-thumbing
about the name change, so let the merit or de-merit of the name
itself be the deciding criterion.

As for having my name on a poster with FSCK...  Doesn't bother me
a bit.  Other faculty will have to decide their own opinions of
course.  It's a great name for a server too.


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