So I leave my computer for a couple hours, return to what appears to be 
the quickest pile olf emails in my box in recent history...and very few 
had ladies names in the return field.

I feel as if I should do a quick--albeit somewhat "uninformed"--input.  
To be fair and upfront, I am somewhat of a novice Linux user.  I have 
Suse and RedHat, but most of my time is spent in front of a Windows box 
(call me what you will).  I like the FSCK idea, and I've always been 
one for putting on a professional, clean, and straight-laced front.  
Despite this, I think the irony, edginess, and perhaps even shock value 
of the name to those who may not understand is no more offensive to me 
than the politically correct names of some organizations on this 
campus.  After all, it's now what they call you, it's what you stand 

I think that some healthy discussion will iron out what may be 
considered acceptable, and I hope that everything remains on a civil 
and respectful plane while doing so.   With that in mind, make time and 
come to the meetings.  Input in person can be just as meaningful.


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