Do you guys wanna meet this Wed or the next one?

here is what I have in mind so you know:
Clarke (acm pres.) and I wanted to meet to go over certain things. To 
this point we didn't get to meet yet because I am not availabe on Tues 
and it didn't work out for him on Sun and Mon... and perhaps that's 
good, because we could meet this Wed so I could get some things 
straight and some feedback on certain issues.

If we have time we can go over some open source jobs here on campus 
(scholarship hours) where faculty needs a geek to create software 
solutions...that's a long story though and you might wanna come for 
that to the meeting if you want to put something on your resume that 
will look cool because it shows that you are different. (that's a big 
claim, I know, but I hope you know what I am talking about)

so the big quest. : in two days or next week or in plain words who 
comes to the meeting(s)?

I am asking because there are a lot things going on this week and 
perhaps for you guys idea, just wondering.


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