Justin West wrote (Monday 13 September 2004 10:49 pm):
> To join in on the effort, all you have to do is download a small app
> that downloads a project, runs the emulation, sends the results back,
> and repeats. This is also run as a low priority process on your
> system, so you really don't even notice it is even running your CPU
> at 100% all the time.

You (more than likely) won't notice any slowdown from it, but what you 
*will* more than likely notice (at least something I noticed with my 
systems) is a heat increase. Most modern processors scale back their 
operation when they don't have data to crunch, thus generating less 
heat. However, run them at 100% load all the time, and you'll (more 
than likely) see an increase in dissapated heat. It was enough of an 
effect to get me to stop doing such things. Though, if you can handle 
the heat (no pun intended :-) ), [EMAIL PROTECTED] is, in my opinion at least, an 
excellent project to support.

Peter Snoblin - http://entropicaccess.net/

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