Joshua Barnickol wrote ..
> I can't get apropos to work. When I use man with the -k switch, (or 
> apropos) as in 'man -k string' I always get 'nothing appropriate'

In addition to 'mandb', which is used by RedHat and similar systems, but not by Debian 
(and possibly Gentoo), you might need to install the 'makewhatis' package or tool.

It basically builds a file in the MANPATH directories called 'windex' which is a 
compilation of the title lines from all of the manpages under that MANPATH root. 
windex is short for 'whatis index'.

Oh, and it's usually installed in /usr/lib/makewhatis for some strange reason, and not 
in the usual /usr/bin, /bin, /sbin, or /usr/sbin.

Check out if your system can invoke it automatically with the 'catman -w' command.


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