Hey all-

I'd like to invite you all to an informal Technology Forum next 
Tuesday, September 21st at 7PM in VH1212.  Held by the local chapter of 
the ACM, Tuesday's topic will be "Free Software: A Discussion".  Come 
and give your input on the discussion about free software, as well as 
provide your expertise on your favorite program or application that  
you use.  This is a great way to relax and discuss some issues about 
free software with non-FSCKer's as well as promote your image to a 
wider audience.  Invite anyone you think may be interested, as the 
forum is open to all.

Additionally, for all you CS majors, the ACM will be holding a FREE 
all-CS BBQ at the Lake on Friday, Sept. 24th from 4:30 until sundown.  
Free hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks will be provided.  The shelter 
number is not yet determined....check the acm website below to get more 
details as they are set.

Clarke Cooper
ACM President

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