On Thu, Oct 8, 2015 at 4:43 PM, Freddie Chopin <freddie.cho...@gmail.com>

> Hello Mike!
> On Thursday 01 of October 2015 13:10:05 Mike Shal wrote:
> > On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 12:55 PM, Freddie Chopin <
> freddie.cho...@gmail.com>
> > wrote:
> > > There are more restrictions like this one in tup - for example the fact
> > > that
> > > you cannot use dot-files or dot-folders as input/output (I've wrote
> about
> > > that
> > > some time ago).
> >
> > Sorry, I haven't had as much time to work on tup as I had hoped :(.
> > dot-files/folders have been ignored primarily to skip scanning & tracking
> > things in .git and .tup, but it ignores all hidden files, because why
> would
> > you want to build things that are hidden from the developer? Maybe
> that's a
> > dumb idea and you have perfectly good reasons spelled out in the previous
> > thread :).
> OK, I have another good argument for allowing dot-files and dot-folders to
> be
> used in tup. Tup has special treatment for tup.config file, which is a
> renamed
> .config file generated by kconfig tool. The kconfig tool can be used
> standalone in a project to have a nice configuration tool, and this is
> exactly
> what I do in my RTOS project. The problem is that using any file with
> different name than ".config" in the kconfig tool is a bit cumbersome
> (partially because of its design, partially because of some strange
> bugs/"features"). In my project I use the file generated by this tool both
> as
> input for tup (I read and parse it manually in lua) and as input to
> commands
> (to generate a configuration header for C/C++ and to generate linker script
> for the configured chip), but I obviously have to use a different name than
> ".config".
> I would propose to ignore just .tup folder and allow any other dot-files
> and
> dot-folders as inputs. If scanning folders such as .git would be a problem
> for
> performance reasons, I would propose to implement a following restrictions:
> 1. Tupfile or Tupfile.lua files in dot-folders are ignored;
> 2. Tupdefault.lua file from some parent folder doesn't work in dot-folders;
> 3. Only explicit inputs are allowed in dot-folders - no globbing is
> possible;
> If even that would be a problem, for a start I would be very happy if tup
> would just allow dot-files while we discuss what to do with dot-folders.
> I could try to prepare some patches/pull-requests, but will you accept
> them?
> (;

I started this in commit e5b0b379a. It ignores .tup, .git, and .hg (and
everything under those directories) where previously it would ignore .*

I'm sure there will be some other issues with this, and we will probably
need to add support for ignoring specific files for rules (but there are
other requests for that already). So, let me know if this helps or if it's
causing more trouble :)


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