On Tue, 2016-11-29 at 10:46 -0800, Thomas Nilefalk wrote:
> I'm trying out tup on a part of a project of mine, starting with
> building the unitttests. My current build finishes the build by
> running the tests and outputtting the progress and results of them on
> the screen.
> How would one go about to do the same with tup? There seems to be two
> problems to me, the output is not a tty so pretty red/green output
> becomes just black and white, and that there seems to be no way to
> write a "target" to just run the unittests.
> Any suggestions?

I would personally suggest to use some other tool for that.

Tup is great as a _BUILD_ tool. Using it for other things (like running
unittests, doing just one selected "target") is just not worth the
trouble. You can easily wrap tup in a Makefile - doing the build with a
simple "tup" followed by an invocation of produced executables.


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