Am 18.10.2016 um 06:29 schrieb Mingcai SHEN:
I tried both on linux and windows, and they are the same, not text
inside the tags was extracted into pot file. very strange....
Problem with virtualenv ?

It should work with virtualenv as well.
Here are the steps you should try:

Create and activate a virtual env, then:

pip install tg.devtools
gearbox quickstart -jnx example
cd example
pip install .

In example/templates/about.jinja,
under {% block contents %} add these lines:

{{ gettext('Hello gettext!') }}
{% trans %}Hello trans!{% endtrans %}

Then run:

python extract_messages

The output should now contain the line:
"extracting messages from example/templates/about.jinja"

The file example/i18n/example.pot should be created
and should contain these lines taken from about.jinja:

msgid "Hello gettext!"
msgid "Hello trans!"

-- Chris

在 2016年10月17日星期一 UTC+8下午9:39:07,Christoph Zwerschke写道:

    Am 17.10.2016 um 14:56 schrieb Mingcai SHEN:
    > But it just can extract {% trans %} {% endtrans %} or {{
    gettext('') }}
    > from the template files into the pot file.

    You meant *can't* extract, not *can* extract, right?

    I just tried it with a newly created project, and this simple template:

    {{ gettext('Hello gettext!') }}
    {% trans %}Hello trans!{% endtrans %}

    Both texts were copied to the i18n/*.pot file.

    I have used Python 2.7, TG 2.3.9, Babel 2.3.4 and Jinja2 2.8.

    Are you using any different versions? Also, does it work for you with a
    newly created project and the above simple template?

    -- Chris

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