WebHelpers 1.0b3 is released.  Users of 1.0b2 should upgrade due to
bugs in feedgenerator and html.tags.

* webhelpers.feedgenerator:

  - Allow either lat-lon and lon-lat formats in geometry data. The default is
    lat-lon. For lon-lat, set ``GeoFeedMixin.is_input_latitude_first`` to
    false. (You can set in a subclass or instance before writing the output.)
    lat-lon is the most common format but GeoDjango and some other libraries
    use lon-lat. The XML output is always lat-lon per the GeoRSS spec.

    [1.0b2 expected lat-lon and wrote lon-lat.  This was changed after
it was clarified why Django's feedgenerator
    swaps the arguments.]

* webhelpers.html.grid:

  - New module to create an HTML table from a list of records, by
Ergo.  It may be subject to change before 1.0 final.

* webhelpers.html.tags:

  - New helpers ``Doctype`` (class) and ``xml_declaration``.

  - Python 2.5 compatibility fix by Yuen Ho Wong. (#20)

* webhelpers.html.tools:

  - New helper ``js_obfuscate`` implements the old rails helpers.

* webhelpers.util:

- New helper ``update_params`` to update query parameters in a URL.

Mike Orr <sluggos...@gmail.com>


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