I'm working on a project with my team that was created with turbogears1, 
were trying to update it. The issue we are having is with thee 
turbogears.widgets module. It seems that turbogears 2.3.9 does not have 
this module anymore, instead using toscawidgets2. Does anyone know if tw2 
has direct equivalents with the old turbogears.widgets?

for example, in our project we use: 
from turbogears.widgets import TableForm, TextArea, SingleSelectField, 
CalendarDatePicker, CalendarDateTimePicker, TextField, MultipleSelectField, 
FieldSet,CheckBox,LinkRemoteFunction, CheckBox, CompoundFormField, 
HiddenField, CompoundIn
putWidget, DataGrid, CheckBoxList , ListForm, SubmitButton,RadioButtonList

I know that some of these also exist in tw2, but do they work in a similar 
way? When trying to import them from tw2 we sometimes get synatx errors. 
It's somewhat difficult to find documentation for some of these in tw2, 
does anyone know what the best approach would be? I'm currently looking at 
the tw2 docs here: http://tw2core.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

but it doesnt seem to have very much information.


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