You were on the right track.  Apparently Fedora 25 started disabling the
anonymous TLS cipher suites by default in its OpenJDK security
configuration files.  The workaround is to edit


and remove "DH_anon" and "ECDH_anon" from the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms

The other workaround is to use an X.509 certificate, which doesn't
require the use of an anonymous cipher suite.


On 12/1/16 10:52 AM, wrote:
> DRC <>
> writes:
>> I'll look into it.  I just installed Fedora 25 yesterday.  It is not
>> unusual for Fedora and other bleeding-edge distros to break things,
>> because most commercial TurboVNC users are using RHEL or SLES or Ubuntu
>> LTS.  Thus the majority of users won't notice issues like this until
>> they make it into the enterprise/long-term distros.
> This helps on the server:
> VNCSERVERARGS[2]="-geometry 1024x768 -securitytypes none"
> Which is of course not very good if you are not encrypting by other
> means.

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