This feature has been implemented and is available in the dev/2.2
evolving pre-release build:
(Mac build is still hung up in the Travis queue but should be available

Feedback is appreciated.  This is similar in concept to the multi-screen
feature in TigerVNC, but it is a more comprehensive implementation that

-- Extensions to the automatic desktop resize feature that allow it to
automatically select a server-side screen layout that honors the
client's screen boundaries and taskbar/menu bar location-- both in
full-screen and windowed mode (the latter, assuming that spanning is set
to "All monitors.")

-- The ability to specify multi-screen descriptors (such as
1920x1200+0+0,1920x1200+1920+0) anywhere that the desktop geometry would
normally be specified.  This allows you to start the server with an
initial multi-screen layout, as well as to select arbitrary multi-screen
layouts from the client.

-- A multi-screen X RANDR implementation that fully respects the maximum
screen boundaries set in /etc/turbovncserver-security.conf

If your organization can benefit from this feature, then donations are
highly needed and appreciated.  I basically had to exhaust the TurboVNC
General Fund through next May in order to implement this, as it was a
critical feature, but I ran into numerous issues (including
compatibility with TigerVNC, since their implementation is not
well-behaved in all cases) that caused me to exceed the funding I had
secured for developing the feature by a factor of 3.

Also, just a heads up-- dev/2.2 evolving no longer supports running the
Java viewer as an applet or with Java 6 (including Apple's version of
Java for OS X.)  Those modes of operation will continue to be supported
in the 2.1.x series, including an upcoming 2.1.2 release.

Another heads up-- I'll be transitioning away from SourceForge mailing
lists soon.  They removed the ability to manage subscribers, and that
was the last straw.  I am open to suggestions as to where to move.
Google Groups is the most likely candidate at the moment.


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