In the past, we have discussed Declarative DAS [1], for those that are
not familiar with the past discussions, you can find a quick summary
at [2].

Basically, Declarative DAS extends the SCA programming model to expose
services that interact with a persistent layer in a declarative
fashion hiding the implementation details from the service
developer.It's all about simplicity, allowing a service to be defined
without explicitly coding the persistence layer.

I have added a first cut of this under revision #547551 . The
implementation.das right now only supports static services interfaces.
My plans is to expand the implementation to handle all crud operations
and also dynamic interfaces. I'd also like to add a quick sample that
would retrieve the data from it's repository using the
implementaiton.das and then use then play with how it could be
integrated with the feed binding or json-rpc binding. Stay tunned as
these are all coming in the near future...


Luciano Resende
Apache Tuscany Committer

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